Setting up expectations can help everyone feel more comfortable and at ease. Here’s what to expect at your first appointment, including some useful tips.


  • Your appointment will begin with a review of your intake paperwork. A lactation consultant and/or intern will review this with you and talk to you about what brings you to our clinic.

  • We will also:

    • Weigh your baby 

    • Assess baby’s oral anatomy and suck function

    • Observe feeding

      • make feeding suggestions/adjustments to feeding technique

      • look at baby’s mechanics

    • Answer feeding related questions

    • Check strain patterns

      • we have noticed that particular patterns of tension arise in the body as a result of uterine positioning, birth history and/or tongue & lip ties

      • Together with baby’s history and function, we can build a more complete picture of the root cause of baby’s trouble


We will discuss our findings and treatment options as a team. You will have the opportunity to ask questions. Your input is valued!

Many babies have procedures the same day as the initial appointment. For some scenarios, it may be more appropriate to make other changes (feeding plan, bodywork, suck training) and re-evaluate at a later date.


If your baby has a procedure, we will usually have you come back in about 1/2 week to check clip site healing and feeding progress. We will address strain patterns using Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and gentle Myofascial (MFR) release. Some families may not need to come back again. Some families will benefit from further followup and treatment. 

As you can imagine, accomplishing the above takes a lot of focused time and patience. We appreciate your understanding if you need to wait for an extended time for your appointment. 

Here are some tips to make your experience more comfortable:

  1. While we have snacks at hand, you may want to pack food—especially if you have dietary restrictions.

  2. Pack any personal care items you may need

  3. If you are using a bottle or a nipple shield, please bring it to the appointment. Bring extra milk/formula if you have been supplementing.

  4. Plan ample time if you need to schedule childcare or have additional appointments to attend.

  5. The front yard is a great place to hang out if you have a toddler with you :)

  6. Grab a Seattle meal before or after your appointment! There is great food blocks away: Cafe Javasti (GF options), Starbucks, Van Gogh Coffee House, and Grateful Bread are all nearby.